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Some links to The Secretary of State's news
Feeds on this page require Adobe Reader
(Available for free from Adobe's Website).


2010 Notice from The Secretary of State:

Customer Alert – Misleading Business Solicitations:

Certain private companies have been soliciting business through mass mailings to corporations and limited liability companies, implying the entities must go through a private, third party vendor – and pay an exorbitant fee – in order to file a Statement of Information or termination document with the California Secretary of State.

2010 Notice from The Secretary of State:

San Diego Office Closure:

The Secretary of State's San Diego regional office will close to the public April 2, 2010. (pdf ~50KB)

2010 Notice from The Secretary of State:

Notice of Move to Statement of Information Mailer Postcard:

(pdf ~30KB) The Secretary of State's office has modified the mailer format for Statement of Information filing reminders and related notices from the standard paper and envelope format to a new postcard format.

2010 Notice from The Secretary of State:

Notice of Change to Limited Partnerships:

(pdf ~54KB) Effective January 1, 2010 all limited partnerships in California will be subject to the Uniform Limited Partnership Act of 2008 commencing with California Corporations Code section 15900.

2009 Notice from CORPGATE:

Increase in Solicitations;

We have seen a large increase in solicitations to corporations regarding requirements of annual minutes. This is not a government-sanctioned program. These are very official looking letters asking for basic information regarding filing a SI 200 form or sending you a boilerplate set of annual minutes. These letters are not illegal, but can be very deceptive. These companies appear to be government agencies until you read the small print.

Some of these companies and their fees are the following:

  • Compliance Services                                                Fee   $100.00
  • Department of Business minutes                                Fee   $125.00
  • Compliance Services, Studio City                               Fee   $100.00
  • Corporate Business Bureau, Sacramento                      Fee   $150.00
  • Corporate Compliance Filings, Sacramento                   Fee   $175.00
  • Corporate Compliance Center , Sacramento                 Fee   $120.00
  • Compliance Annual Minutes Board, Temecula                Fee   $150.00
  • California Corporate Compliance, Los Angeles               Fee   $125.00
  • Corporation Compliance Recorder, Los Angeles             Fee   $175.00

If you receive mailers from the above companies simply throw them away. It is not necessary for you to pay someone to fill out your SI 200 form or do your annual minutes. If you feel you need assistance in doing either of these our firm will be happy to assist you for a fee that is considerably less.

2009 Notice from The Secretary of State:

Business Entity Names;

California law requires the Secretary of State to determine that a proposed business entity name (for corporation, limited liability company and limited partnership entity types) is not the same as or too similar to a reserved name or to the name of an existing business entity of record (of the same entity type) with the Secretary of State; and that the name is not misleading to the public. In the case of a limited partnership subject to the Uniform Limited Partnership Act of 2008, the Secretary of State is required to determine that the proposed name is distinguishable on the record.

The Secretary of State's office is proposing to adopt regulations that will (1) provide guidelines to assist the public in selecting a business entity name prior to reserving the name or filing documents with the Secretary of State; (2) provide the public with more certainty that a proposed business entity name will meet statutory standards; and (3) assist Secretary of State staff in determining if a proposed business entity name is acceptable, ensuring more consistency in the application of the statutory standards. Below are links to the Public Notices, the Initial Statement of Reasons and the text of the proposed regulations.